RISE is a non-profit, economic development organization with a mission to accelerate innovation and business growth around solutions to coastal communities’ resilience challenges. RISE leverages local assets and global networks to enable businesses to develop, demonstrate and scale innovations that help coastal communities adapt to changing climate.

Why Hampton Roads, VA?

Hampton Roads in southeastern Virginia is a globally critical region. Home to the largest concentration of U.S. defense facilities in the world, including world’s largest naval base, and the third largest commercial port on the East Coast, the region is a hub for trade and a security nexus for the world. A combination of the region’s cities’ diverse typologies, climate change challenges and assets make Hampton Roads a perfect resilience innovation hub for entrepreneurs.


Urban Waterfront

Historic Properties



Navy Bases


Hub Port


Meet six winners of the past $1.5M Coastal Community Resilience Challenges

Building Resilient Solutions

Building Resilient Solutions

Reducing flood-damage through alternative retrofit methods for existing buildings.



Harnessing kinetic energy from traffic to power emergency services.



Reducing nuisance flooding in constrained urban environment without massive infrastructure overhauls.

Grow Oyster Reefs

Grow Oyster Reefs

Reducing shoreline erosion and flooding with innovative reef tiles that attract oysters faster than competitor solutions.

Landscape Resilience Partnership

Landscape Resilience Partnership

Training resilience workforce to design, install and maintain flood-reducing solutions.

Resilience Enterprise Solutions

Resilience Enterprise Solutions

Raising the bar for workforce training in the home raising industry.

Current RISE Coastal Community Resilience Challenges

The Challenges seek innovative products and approaches that enhance resilience of coastal communities, create substantial new value, can be demonstrated in the Hampton Roads region of Southeastern Virginia, are scalable to other communities, and can be built into sustainable businesses.

RISE provides the following services to the winning teams:

Resilience Innovation Fund (non-equity, non-dilutive)

Resilience Innovation Accelerator

Resilience Innovation Hub & Testbed

Real-world infrastructure & pilot sites

Co-working office space

Fabrication & testing work space


Experts and stakeholders

Entrepreneurial community

Regulatory TA and permitting

PR and media visibility