Coastal Communities globally are threatened by sea level rise, increasing flooding, aging infrastructure, and other challenges to their resilience.  New and innovative ideas are needed to enhance resilience of coastal communities. To help address this need, RISE offers over $1 million to small businesses and non-profits with creative solutions in five resilience areas, that can be demonstrated in Virginia’s Hampton Roads region, are scalable to other communities, and can be built into economically viable businesses. If you have an out-of-box solution around water management, data analytics, buildings protection, critical systems functionality or disconnected communities, we want to hear from you.  To help you with your submission here are copies of our most recent instructional videos.   Please contact us if you have any questions or would like additional help.



RISE has over US $1M in its Resilience Innovation Fund to support innovators with financially sustainable solutions that enhance the resilience of coastal communities. Applications are due Sept 30, 2018. RISE will offer the opportunity to receive funds to qualifying teams. This is the first of a series of live info sessions. Visit for additional information about the Rise Coastal Community Resilience Challenge.

During this presentation hosted by Old Dominion University’s Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ODUIIE) you will learn how to apply design thinking methodologies to define the problem you are trying to solve, develop innovative ideas, then prototype and test your ideas with stakeholders. Second, the workshop will help you understand how to turn a validated idea into an implementable and sustainable solution for the RISE Resiliency Challenge

During this presentation by Old Dominion  University Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ODUIIE) you will learn how to use the Business Model Canvas to build your solution into a workable business model, create and deliver value for stakeholders, and sustain your operation..