• Challenge Application 2020

    Application Submission Deadline UPDATED: 3/20/2020, 12pm EDT
    Thank you for your interest in the RISE Coastal Community Resilience Challenges. This form cannot be saved or edited and should be treated as your final submission. Please see the Challenge details on the 2020 Challenges page.

    Responses to the Challenge application questions will be kept confidential. Only the responses to the questions #5, 8, 9, and 10 will be made public.

    RISE will only accept COMPLETED APPLICATIONS. All questions must be answered and all requested documents attached.  

    Please send all application related questions to: Katerinaoskarsson@riseresilience.org. 
  • Attachments
  • 1 Please upload a technical report(s) and/or presentation(s) describing your solution. (Max file size 30MB.)
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    • 2 Please upload a business plan for your venture. Click here for content guidance for your business plan. (Max file size 30MB.)
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      • 3 Please upload a work plan narrative and workbook (with budget, schedule and milestones) for your solution. Click here to download the workbook and click here for content guidance for your workplan. (Max file size 30MB.)
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        • 4 Please upload your pitch presentation summarizing your solution, business plan and workplan. (Max file size 30MB.)
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          • Select a Challenge
          • 5 Which Challenge does your solution most closely address?
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          • Basic Information
          • 6Tell us about your group: Are you an individual, group of individuals, a for-profit small business or a non-profit organization? Please include your entity’s DUNS number if you have one.
          • 7List all of the members of your team, their relevant experience, and their role in the company (if you have one) or the non-profit entity. Please indicate whether any members have prior entrepreneurial experience (HINT: Do not simply provide a link to your website or LinkedIn Profile)
          • 8Team/Entity name
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          • 9Solution name
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          • 10Where is your solution team headquartered or located?
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          • About Your Solution
          • 11Pitch us your solution (e.g. product, technology, workforce development program) Write the executive summary of your solution to the Challenge. Your pitch must answer three questions: 1. What is the problem that you are committed to solving? 2. What is the solution you are proposing? 3. How will your solution address the problem?
          • 12At what stage is your solution currently? Here are the definitions of the five stages of development. Please select the appropriate stage for your solution below. Idea: We welcome you to submit your solution to participate in the discussion, but please note that solutions proposing the development of new technologies that are still only at the concept stage are unlikely to be selected. Prototype: An entity building and testing its product, service (including a workforce development program), or business model. Typically described as "Pre-Seed" if For Profit. Pilot: An enterprise deploying a tested product, service, or business model in at least one community. Hybrids and For Profits would typically be in a "Seed" round and generating revenue (whether or not they are cash flow positive). Growth: An entity with an established product, service, or business model rolled out, which is poised for further growth in multiple communities or countries. Organizations at this stage should have a clear path to sustainability. For Profits at this stage would be "Seed" or "Series A.” Scale: A sustainable entity working in several communities or countries and that is looking to scale significantly, focusing on increased efficiency. For Profits in this stage would be "Series A" or "Series B."
          • 13What makes your solution innovative? Explain whether this is a new technology, a new application of an existing technology, a process or a workforce development program for solving the Challenge. Can intellectual property be protected; is it patentable?
          • 14What is your vision over the next three to five years to grow and scale your solution?
          • 15If your solution already has a website, provide a link.
          • 16If you have a promotional video, provide a YouTube or Vimeo link to your video.
          • 17Do you have other public materials that would be helpful? Social media? Additional links? Provide examples of those here.
          • 18In which location(s) in Hampton Roads would you want to test, demonstrate, or implement your solution?
          • About Your Team
          • 19What type of organization is your solution team?
          • 20If you selected "other" for the organization question, please explain here.
          • 21For how many years have you been working on your solution?
          • 22With what organizations are you currently working if any? How are you working with them?
          • Business Model
          • 23What are your ultimate strategic goals?
          • 24What is your revenue model? Explain why you are positioned for long-term sustainability, profitability (if for-profit), and expansion.
          • 25 Do you have revenue?
          • 26If you have revenue from the proposed solution’s product or service, how much revenue have you earned since you started your company/entity? In the last month?
          • 27From where have you received funds since you started working on your solution?
          • 28If you answered that you have other sources of funding, please explain them below.
          • 29How much funding are you requesting from the RISE Resilience Innovation Fund if selected as one of the Challenge winners? RISE provides non-equity funding up to $250,000 in reimbursement-based grants and/or loans (revenue based or zero interest fixed payment). All applicants will be considered for the Grant and Revenue Based Loan. However, if a company wants to be considered for the zero interest Fixed Payment Loan instead of the Revenue Based Loan, it must submit the additional documentation requested in the application (see questions #41- 43). Please see the Applicant Guidelines for details.
          • 30Would you be leveraging other funding sources against receiving funds from the RISE Resilience Innovation Fund?
          • 31What are some of the key barriers for your solution to succeed?
          • 32What are the three biggest risks to your business/non-profit?
          • 33Are there any legal or regulatory risks to your company/non-profit?
          • 34With what organizations would you like to partner, and how would you like to partner with them?
          • Market
          • 35Please quantify the magnitude of the problem and the potential market for your product/service (including a workforce development program) and how you calculated it. These links might help – www.blog.marketresearch.com/5-steps-to-estimate-market-size www.entrepreneur.com/article/27083
          • 36Which segment(s) of the market do you plan to target first?
          • 37Who is your target customer?
          • 38How did you hear about the RISE Coastal Community Resilience Challenge?
          • Demonstration Site and Facility Needs
          • 39What type(s) of indoor and/or outdoor location(s) in Hampton Roads do you need to develop, prototype, pilot or otherwise demonstrate your innovative resilience-building technology, product or service? Do you have a preference for a particular city(ies) in Hampton Roads for your solution demonstration? Please note that RISE provides access to a network of Resilience Innovation Hub assets in Hampton Roads including 1) a co-working office space, 2) a co-working workshop/warehouse space and 3) real-world pilot sites and infrastructure for demonstrations.
          • 40Please provide names, affiliations and contact information for three relevant professional references for the applicant. These may include partners, clients, and past institutional funders.
          • Underwriting - Fixed Payment Loan Applicants Only
          • 41 New business narrative: If the applicant ever started a new business venture or non-profit before, please upload details on past experience; including
            a. details that may be applicable to this venture
            b. key metrics on the past endeavor (e.g., revenue growth, profitability, etc.)
            c. include any “lessons learned” that they will apply to this venture
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            Max. file size: 30 MB, Max. files: 5.
            • 42 Please upload a 2-year proforma Profit & Loss (P&L) Statement, by quarter for the applicant business/non-profit. Include a descriptive narrative and describe how this P&L links to your solution proposal.
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              Max. file size: 30 MB, Max. files: 5.
              • 43 If applicant is currently in business, or if a current business is backing the applicant, upload:

                a. Past 3 years of business tax returns. If business has been in existence less than 3 years, submit available tax returns and most recent P&L statement and Balance Sheet.
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                Max. file size: 30 MB, Max. files: 5.
                • b. AR & AP aging report
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                  Max. file size: 30 MB, Max. files: 5.
                  • c. Attestation that all payroll and sales taxes are paid up to date.
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                    Max. file size: 30 MB, Max. files: 5.
                    • 44Completed Application for Your Records to be Sent To
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